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Hello people welcome to our world!

Sustainable shop

Italyci rise from a dream of connecting small Italian companies that are making their passion a reason for living, to the big amount of customer which today unfortunately only rely on multinationals.

After much research on production, we understand even if it was very clear that


That's why Quality is our prestige keyword.

Our company is based on the continued research of small, Farm and Factory base all around Italy that's why we work alongside them in order to give the possibility to anyone to taste and fell the real "Made in Italy".

Our goal is to support all those small producer hit by the wave of globalization to help them to don't disappear and keep going producing those rare gems.

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eco-shop made in italy

Drop us an email if u have any question we are happy to help you! Our e-mail is: info@italyci.com Check out our privacy policy or our terms of service

Check out our privacy policy or our terms of service