What to plant in May

The best time of year for all vegetable garden enthusiasts is beginning. In May your vegetable garden has taken shape and life, bringing enthusiasm and drive after the first harvests of tomatoes, courgettes and lettuces.

Temperatures ensure an ideal climate for transplanting super hot peppers, aubergines, peppers, watermelons and melons, which will go through the development and then production phase in the best possible way.

what to plant in may

Useful tips:
-On aubergines, tomatoes and peppers avoid watering the leaves as it may cause some fungal diseases to develop.
-Cucumbers and melons prefer rich, fresh soil. It is advisable to put up some supports, fences or pergolas to take up less space in the soil.

- Courgettes and cucumbers: At this time of year you should also see the first cucumbers and courgettes. You can decide to harvest them, but it is always advisable to remove the first 3-4 fruits in order to bring the plant up to full strength and have more strength for the next harvest. It is a matter of waiting about 10 days to get the most out of the plants.

- At the end of this month, it is a good idea to apply potassium-based fertilisers, especially to tomatoes, peppers and aubergines and cucurbits such as pumpkins, courgettes, melons, watermelons and cucumbers.
-It is advisable to irrigate in the morning during this period to allow the soil to dry out throughout the day.

-As temperatures rise, some pests may attack. To limit them, you can combine vegetables with aromatic herbs, which give off an intense odour and act as pest repellents.

-Some remedies against slugs and snails: Defending yourself against these small animals is easy. There are many remedies, such as products based on metaldehyde, which is sprayed near plants and has a strong attractive power towards these molluscs, which die when they feed.

Alternatively, as they are very fond of beer, you could prepare traps. All you need to do is take some saucers and fill them with beer and place them at the same level as the surface of the ground. The next day you should find them drowned on the saucer.

spring time garden

The species that can be transplanted are:
- Large WATERMELON such as the oval and elongated round one or smaller ones such as the mini minos and meringue yellow flesh watermelon.
- Genovese BASIL, Greek ball, lettuce leaf
- CUCUMBERBERRY half-long jazzer, long tasty green, jumbo, tortarello
- Dwarf BEANS green, borlotto and mangetout
- INDIVIA scalora curly, smooth
- LETTUGA canasta, cabbage, iceberg, gentilina blond and red, lollo red, romana
- APPLE violet, white, zebra, silk, half-long, black, pearl
- Sweet corn
- MELON, yellow, wrinkled yellow, tendral green and carousel.
- PICCANT PEPPER jalahot, cayenne, calabrese, topepo, yellow and red cherry, picaro, etna
- PEPPER yellow and red bull horn, topepo, friarello, lombardo tago, blond cigarette, red tip. lamuyo
- Green ribbed and green sliced celery
- TOMATO cherry, yellow and red date, piccadilly, san marzano, ribbed, beef heart, siccagno, large, oval, salad, canned.

cosa piantare a maggio nel giardino

Now that you know exactly what gardening activities to do in your vegetable garden in May, all you need to do is make sure you have the necessary tools.

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Have fun in your vegetable garden :-)

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