The keyword of 2021: Sustainability

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Sustainability has gained significant traction:

Many countries have integrated sustainability and environmental protection as part of their national development agenda, many companies have realized the significant long-term potential of sustainable development, and many research agendas have aligned with sustainability goals.

The challenges that mark 2021 give rise to new imaginaries about how to return to a "new normal" or how to progress toward a challenging and more sustainable future.

The health crisis and its aftermath will not guarantee a more sustainable future, but they certainly offer a narrow window of opportunity to rethink outdated economic, social, and environmental solutions. It is encouraging to note the broad calls for a sustainable "new normal."

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We hope to help build a platform and network for sustainability agendas that fosters new stakeholder partnerships across the boundaries of academic disciplines, self-sustaining national agendas.
The quest is to devise ways to ensure long-term sustainable development for people, for regions, and for our planet.

In the spirit of making our way of life more sustainable, Italyci has focused on key themes that are:

1 Food safety and agriculture
Chemical-free processed products.

2 Mobility and Transport
Freight transportation with less pollution.

3No poverty
Partnerships with small businesses and artisans.

4Economic and clean energy
Respect for the climate, greater search for jobs is electrical products, with fewer gas emissions.

5Decent work is economic growth
Collaborations with more entrepreneurs around the world.

6Good health and well-being
Search for food products with less impact of fat, organic products and healthy.

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Like Italyci , there are many companies that are changing the way they manage the workflow, we respect more the territory, which unfortunately is plagued by problems caused solely by peoples.

Italyci blog post, keywords sustainable 2021


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