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Summer trends fashion women

From light-coloured shirts to hot pants and summer sandals, here are some tips for women.

The summer season always brings with it a desire for change, for vitality, especially after a year of global pandemic, forced to stay indoors all the time.
Let's abandon the dark and wintry tones and get carried away by pastel shades, colourful prints and delicate fabrics.

It is important to make a selection of the trends that best suit our style and the must-have items for summer 2021 fashion.

Here is a guide to the trends for summer 2021 and the essential items and accessories that are a must in every woman's wardrobe.

Italian summer 2021

Shirts in bold colours
The shirt is one of the must-have items to wear during the summer. Very long and coordinated with trousers, wide and unbuttoned, with a chemisier cut, the shirt is the most versatile element of the season's wardrobe, to be worn with skirts, shirts or on its own as a dress.

Sea and only sea
From patterns to decorative elements, such as jewellery and belts, seaweed, fish, starfish and coral are among the undisputed stars of summer 2021 fashion. Sea-themed accessories are therefore a must.

Once again this year, espadrilles are confirmed as the trendy summer shoes.
High wedged or flat, closed or open to the front, in colourful shades to add an original touch to even the simplest outfit, they are also ideal to wear in an "urban" style, paired with a structured it-bag, for a fresh and cool contrast.

In the wake of the lockdown, the fashion shows for spring summer 2021 also gave a boost to casual, with loose shapes that are more comfortable than ever. From dresses to sweatshirts to trousers, everything is designed to be worn both at home and away, in comfort but never forgetting style.

Shorts mania
Short or ultra-short hot pants and frayed jeans are among the most popular summer 2021 kits.
Perfect for pairing with a cotton t-shirt, matching bralette or a shirt tied at the waist, this season's shorts aim to reveal as much leg as possible.

Suede is back among the spring summer 2021 fashion trends, just in time for the summer: shoes, jackets, miniskirts and boho chic trousers, whether in classic beige or brightly coloured, are therefore becoming a must-have in the wardrobe of fashion addicts.

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