Moto Guzzi, the first hundred years of the Italian eagle

Moto Guzzi, Italian design


One hundred years of Moto Guzzi, the myth of the Eagle reaches this important anniversary. Roberto Colaninno, Chairman and CEO of the Piaggio Group, says: "The 100th anniversary of Moto Guzzi is a moment of great pride for the entire Italian industry. A brand that is experiencing a second youth and continues to move the passion of thousands of motorcyclists around the world".

Yesterday "15 March 2021" Moto Guzzi celebrated its first and legendary 100 years. A century of history, of splendid motorbikes, of victories, of adventures, of extraordinary characters who have built the myth of the Eagle brand. The range of motorbikes is profoundly renewed, maintaining the brand's values of style and authenticity. Each model is created with respect for a unique and authentic identity, balancing classic style with cutting-edge technology.

Roberto Colaninno describes Moto Guzzi as follows: "The ability to innovate, the courage to anticipate the times, the competitive spirit, the love for the product and the meticulous attention to production quality are the talents that Moto Guzzi has been able to combine over the years with a unique relationship with its territory. From 1921 to the present day, every Moto Guzzi that has travelled the roads of the world was founded in Genoa exactly one century ago. An all-Italian excellence, which has made the history of our country without ever aging and which continues to drive the most genuine passion of thousands of Guzzisti all over the world".

The logo, "the eagle", originates from the common militancy of the founders Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi in the Regia Marina Air Service during the First World War. It was during the war that the two friends, together with pilot Giovanni Ravelli, decided to devote themselves to building motorbikes after the war was over. Ravelli, however, was never able to realise his dream because he was the victim of an accident in 1919. Guzzi and Parodi chose the Eagle as a symbol to remember their friend.

In its 100 years Moto Guzzi has signed victories on circuits all over the world, carrying the tricolour on no less than 14 World Titles. Moto Guzzi has also been, since its origins, the motorbike of great journeys. 

Today, Moto Guzzi is a fundamental part of the Piaggio Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of motorbikes and scooters, which has preserved its original character, promoted its values and returned it to a leading role. when the "Società Anonima Moto Guzzi" was established, with the purpose of "manufacturing and selling motorbikes and any other activity relating to or connected with the engineering industry".

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