How the Italian beauty market works

Italian Beauty


Italy is known to have the largest cosmetics markets all over the world. Moreover, it is the tenth leading market for the best cosmetics, personal care products and fragrances. In 2018, the foremost largest markets of cosmetics worldwide were United States, China and Japan. Domestic market is the most prestigious market for Italian cosmetics, that is accountable for the largest amount of annuity. The net worth form the cosmetics products was 12.53 billion in 2015 and is predicted to reach over 16.56 billion in 2020 .

The export of the beauty products has been increased in the past few years in terms of value. According to the recent survey of 2020, the main reasons for using these brands is the quality, quantity and affordability of the products. It has also been analysed during the survey that the stamp, “made in Italy" plays an important role in persuading the customers to purchase the products.

Another survey of 2020 elaborates that the customers buy the products that are meant for the specific gender. For example, most of the Italian people choose to buy the perfumes keeping in consideration the gender for which the product is used either, men or women. Similarly some products are only for men to use like shaving products, they are gender-specific, so consumers prefer to buy these products as per need instead of buying gender-neutral products.

The Italian cosmetic products are know to be the best due to the innovative formulas and the elements that the manufacturing companies are using are very authentic. According to the Cosmetica Italia and Human highway, Natural products will lead to the innovation of the new one. The total worth of green cosmetics in Italy is 950 million euros, can be considered as 9% of total change in a sector. The aim that will be the guide for the evolution in the field of cosmetics, is manageable fabrication and attention to the environmental and moral restrictions


The most valuable products of the Italian domestic market are hair care, facial care, body care and perfumes. The face care products such as anti wrinkles, anti-aging, moisturising and nutrients are amongst the products that are highly demanding and is generating great amount of income. The consumption value of the cosmetics products in Italy has markedly increased in the recent years, reaching almost over ten billion euros. Talking about the consumption value, the largest amount of the product has been sold at hypermarkets, super stores, multiple brand stores, single brand stores and also the herbal shops. Other important channels for the sales are perfume shops and pharmacies. A cosmetic product manufactured in Italy is different from others in terms of reliability, quality and technology.

The Hair care products includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair styling products, Hair Oils and hair colorants etc. These products are used by both genders, hence a healthy source of income. Consumers in Italy are being very conscious about their hair and problems related to them. As far as shampoo usage is concerned there is a constant increase in imports of shampoo and other hair care products, due to the greater amount being utilised. According to Italian national institute of statistics there is a sharp increase in import amount of shampoo between 2013 to 2016. In year 2016, the amount of shampoo imported was 49,633 tons. The Italian companies are also trying their best to fulfil the needs in order to get large market share. 


The Italian makeup industry has made the huge betterment due to the advanced development in single brands having different branches. The purchasers are looking for the effective, multi functional products to enhance their beauty. The Italian women are choosing these product because they are best in quality, products are reliable and safe to use. Single-brand chains are augmenting in Italy, more specifically the mass market in the field of cosmetics having colorants in them . With the availability of the mass products, the purchasers gets the opportunity to be up-to-dated about the latest fashion of the color cosmetics, with the line of increasing fashion by time.


According to the Cosmetica Italia, the segment which have never seen the crisis is the fragrance segment. Out of the total cosmetics consumption the alcoholic perfume consumption is 12.8 % that renders one billion euros. In terms of market value, it represents the fourth category. The Italian market for fragrances is very dynamic and is very beneficial to the domestic market. 


E-commerce has an important role in retail channel of the Italian cosmetic market. Indeed, there is a remarkable increase in the number of people who are interested in buying the product online in a very few years. The main reason why Italian people choose online shopping is because they find it affordable and also the amazing deals that are available online are enough to attract purchasers attention. Moreover, the easiness of buying whatever you by sitting at home and not going anywhere intend people to buy online products. In fact as per recent survey shows that the number of people who are buying online cosmetics and makeup through smartphones has been growing very fast . The credit goes to the producers that are supplying throughout the chain, from producing a raw material to the end products.  here a list treated by Italyci 


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