7 top Italian beauty secrets revealed

Fascinated and awe-inspired by the following glamorous and drop-dead-gorgeous Italian women role-models? The names Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci, Isabella Rossellini, Anita Pallenberg, and more, might ring a bell.


Learn some of the tricks of the trade when cracking the ‘beauty code’ behind these famous Italian movie-stars, fashion models, and more.


What is timeless beauty?

In the N.A.E. Natural Antica Erboristeria article “5 beauty secrets Italian women know to be true,” it is reminded that “Monica Belucci’s daily routine is minimalist: she cleans her face, puts on a light cream, mascara and lip gloss. For her hair, she washes it twice a week and applies olive oil to the tips.”


The main concept behind Italian beauty is that it’s timeless and seemingly effortless. Regardless of the current decade’s trends, etc., the classic appeal of a bright and flushed complexion, cat eye, and natural lip will never go out of style or feel outdated.


In a Byrdie article, makeup artist Jasmin Lo breaks down the different makeup elements that all together recreate the trademark ‘Italian beauty’ we aspire to be.


  1. Look into natural skincare

The idea here is to articulate a youthful and effervescent glow, which means no harsh lines or contouring of the facial features. According to Lo, “you want bouncy, healthy-looking skin here with a nice flush on the cheeks.”


While there are tons of clean beauty products on the market that replicate natural skincare—the cleanest beauty there is involves real natural food ingredients.


The Beauty Gypsy details a special recipe in their post titled, “Beauty recipe: The Italian secret to glow-y, flawless, PERFECT skin.” After researching and interviewing dozens of Italian women, The Beauty Gypsy found these commonalities amongst their skin regimes, most notably chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), including olive oil, lemons, and eggs.


According to the post, Chickpeas are used to nourish the skin with healthy proteins, olive oil anti-ages with a healthy dose of antioxidants, lemons extinguishes any superficial skin imperfections, and egg yolks keep the skin high and tight.


  1. Accentuate your eyes with a feline cat-eye

Bold and fully-filled in eyebrows beautifully frame the eyes, but remember to avoid caricature- esque arched eyebrows that stray too far from your natural shape. The key is to appear as if that’s how you woke up this morning—not to look too surprised!


A signature statement will always be the coveted winged eyeliner. Light, simple, and oh-so feminine. Mastering the delicate wing can be tricky, but well worth it in the end. Lo explains to “finish with two coats of mascara on the top lashes only. Nothing goes on the bottom for this look.”


  1. Natural lips never looked so good

Finally, to top off the look, consider a lip color that is ever so slightly darker than the natural pigment of your lips. Perfect the glowing effect with a smidge of gloss or light balm on top.


  1. Revamp your daily diet meal plan

According to an N.A.E. Naturale Antica Erboristeria article, several factors constitute Italian beauty without makeup products ever mentioned. Instead, these are lifestyle elements that anyone could follow if they so desire.


For instance, diet is huge. To achieve clear skin with limited blemishes and acne, it is recommended to pursue healthy food choices and to maintain a balanced diet, “the Mediterranean diet is colorful, so think like an Italian and eat the rainbow: olive oil, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, blood oranges, peaches, and pistachios… there are so many options.”


  1. Get out of the house

Getting outside of the house and enjoying the sunshine is an unparalleled strategy to achieving the beautiful vitamin D inspired glow of an Italian woman. Not only will the sunshine give you an added boost of ‘happiness’ and positivity, but your new recharged outlook on life will allow your beauty to shine brighter than ever before.


Just remember to wear sunscreen with a safe SPF level and not to stay out for too long, you have to protect your skin at all costs while aiming to look slightly bronzed. It’s a delicate balance.


  1. Learn and practice self-care

People all express themselves differently. When things are picking up at work and you’re finding yourself stressed out over the small things—remember that you’re always in control—and you may or may not have a glass of your favorite wine or sangria waiting for you at home.


Unwind with healthy vino antioxidants, or with an excellent book. Either way, stress has adverse and detrimental effects on your overall health, including your looks. Furrowed brows, forehead wrinkles, and more will only hinder the success you’ve made mastering the several other tips that make up Italian beauty.


Allow this tip to be your saving salvation and slowly enjoy your delicious grape-inspired treat.


  1. Be a genuine person

By staying true to yourself and spreading more kindness into the world rather than receiving it, your internal beauty will radiate outward. The most valuable beauty tip of all does not refer to your diet, eyeliner, lip color, etc., but rather it’s a life lesson in learning to be a loving and warmly receptive human being.


No amount of makeup, olive oil, or wine will cover up a negative or selfish persona. Be in touch with the world around you and pay attention to just how quickly it will open up to receive you.


On that note, make a new promise to yourself

Don’t get caught up in the rat-race of achieving incredibly high beauty standards, instead remember that there is someone out there (or probably several people) who look up to you and believe that you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.


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