Holidays in May in Italy, where to go

May is always a special month of the year, with spring blossoming in all its colours and summer already heralding sunny days.

In order to enjoy this beauty, however, you have to find the best places to experience it to the full, especially in times like these, crossed by a pandemic that has kept us stuck in our own territory for more than a year.

vacation in may in italy

Today we want to take all those people who want to start visiting new places again, on a trip around Italy, to discover the best places to spend a May weekend (or a longer stay), full of cultural discovery and stress-free fun.

Whether you love discovering hidden city corners or enjoying the first rays of summer on the beach, your expectations will be fulfilled. So what are you waiting for? Let's see them together!

Puglia holidays


Holidays in May: the best cities to see in spring

If you're not sure what you're looking for on your holidays, Lecce is undoubtedly one of the best destinations.

The Apulian city, in fact, is famous both for its nightlife, which makes it one of the most active and lively centres of the whole peninsula, and for its Baroque buildings and monuments, for interesting cultural and relaxing visits.

Lecce is also an excellent starting point for a visit to the Salento or the wonderful Apulian coast.


Perugia vacation

If you are looking for a healthy escape from the chaos of the city, you can certainly book your stay in Perugia, the small, quiet capital of Umbria.

The centre, in particular Piazza IV Novembre, will give you a great start to your visit to the city: no cars, banned from the city, and an interesting agglomeration of historic buildings and special churches just waiting for you to visit.

When evening falls, Perugia takes on a new face, filled with the joy and laughter of the many students who live here.

But one of the cities that shine brightest in the May air is certainly Naples, which in this very month organises numerous events to fill your visit.


Napoli vacation

In particular, we would like to point out the May of Monuments, an annual cultural event during which the city council organises meetings and events that highlight the beauty of the city, with extraordinary openings of museums and in-depth studies of the city's history.

Moreover, the people of Naples are always characteristic and charming, ready to welcome you with typical Neapolitan warmth, especially after this year of both medical and economic crisis.


Palermo trip 2021

In May, the scent of summer and the desire for the sea can already be felt, and in some parts of Italy it feels as if the warm season has already arrived.
In the city of Palermo, for example, the temperature fluctuates between 15° and 23°, perfect for a pleasant swim in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The city also does not have a high cost of living and will provide you with an excellent base if you wish to set out to discover the historical or even simply seaside beauty of Sicily.


sardinia holidays

Sardinia is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for beach lovers during the summer season. In July and August, however, it is very difficult to find a place to enjoy even just a weekend on the beach because it is overcrowded with tourists.

In May and September, on the other hand, the number of tourists is much lower and prices are much more accessible. So you can enjoy the Sardinian sea in all its charm, in complete relaxation.

Portofino trip


If you're looking for the region with the highest number of Blue Flags, a renowned symbol of sea quality, head straight for Liguria.

Whether you're a VIP Portofino beach type or a Cinque Terre-style traveller, you'll find no fewer than 20 beaches on the Ligurian Riviera that have earned the coveted accolade.

For an absolutely enchanting trip, among the colours of Liguria, immersed in a splendid and fascinating sea.

May is a month of passage, but if you decide to spend your holidays in one of these locations, you will transform it into an unforgettable period.


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