Ready for the new season? The top fashion trends for spring summer 2021

Spring 2021


Spring summer 2021 fashion trends: “Malia Lab“, everything we need to know about how we will dress in the coming hot season. Because summer, we know, is the one thing we look forward to. We at Italyci have taken stock of all the 2021 collections online for you at the beginning of the year. And here's what we discovered in terms of fashion trends: are you ready to take note?)

New trends Spring 2021

Spring 2021 fashion trends:
Shiny fabric, in silk or similar, is back. Skirts, jackets and above all trousers and shorts, the real novelty of the spring summer 2021 fashion trends. Soft and sexy!

Spring summer fashion color trends

Fashion trends 2021:
In the wake of the lockdown, lingerie is becoming more visible, the shapes are loose and more comfortable than ever. From dresses to sweatshirts to trousers, everything is designed to be worn both at home and outside, as demonstrated by the products of Malia lab and labo.s.

Springsummer fashion trends

Fashion trends 2021: sleeveless...
Whether it's waistcoats, jackets or t-shirts, for spring summer 2021 let's get ready to uncover our shoulders thanks to more chic looks than we're used to.

women's spring tank tops

Fashion trends 2021: ... or long sleeves
Spring summer 2021 fashion trends know no middle ground. Either sleeveless... or with sleeves, as seen in Malia's online showcase.

women's spring long jersey

Fashion trends 2021: hot pants
Short shorts for spring summer 2021 aim to reveal as much of your tanned legs as possible. Among the fashion trends spotted at the malia lab fashion shows, we are really looking forward to travelling this summer to exotic places.

Short pants spring 2021

Fashion trends 2021: bags
After a few seasons of mini bags, medium-large bags are back among the fashion trends: from bags by Nosetta to bags by Maledetti Toscani.

bag trends 2021

Fashion trends 2021: Flat shoes
Heels? Naah. Next spring-summer 2021 we'll only be going out in low shoes or low heels. "Comfort is everything today".

Women flat shoes spring 2021

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