Digital shopping is here to stay

We are in the age of experience. Brands are striving to become more "experience" online through personalized product recommendations, customer reviews and product tutorials, but as an e-commerce boom they will have to do more to satisfy consumers.   

An estimated 1.92 billion people bought goods or services online in 2019, resulting in e-commerce retail sales of more than $3.5 trillion worldwide.

This year as the world freezes over the corona virus, most lives move online.

Every digital surface is now a portal to targeted digital communications.

But a great digital experience is much more than just reaching a consumer.That interaction loses momentum with every click, moving further away from that moment of inspiration.

That's why Italian artisans see an opportunity, through digital in the commerce of content, the sale is changing, with the entry into force this year of restrictions and blocks, buyers inside the stores, have turned to online shopping.

This has caused a behavioural change - consumers have become safer and more comfortable shopping in a digital environment. This trust is now beginning to shift to shopping through social media, too, thanks to security systems such as cyber security.


The pandemic has forced consumers to become more flexible, creative and risky in the way they shop.


Online shopping is becoming a central part of our everyday lives and coupled with increased use of social media, it’s no wonder more publishers are making the move into social commerce.

As we approach the Christmas period and brands compete for sales in the absence of physical stores, they need to ensure they stand out and are utilizing these creative platforms to their advantage.

What content commerce offers is a level of convenience that takes e-commerce to a higher level. Thanks to platforms like Pinterest,TikTok,and the classic Facebook and Instagram, you can reach a client that was not possible before, you can thanks to a social content go directly to the product page.

For brands, testing content that can be purchased is only the first step - brands must also be careful to synchronize it with the rest of the business.

Purchasable products require a dedicated team that genuinely cares about the shopper's experience to keep pace with change. It's about managing user expectations.

There's nothing worse than falling in love with something you can't have.

The improvement of online shopping experiences goes beyond what happens in the industry, where content commerce provides a value that physical stores or other e-commerce stores cannot offer.

The pandemic has accelerated the transition to digital shopping exponentially and, regardless of whether the "normal" returns are large or small, consumers will continue to store online.

All brands and publishers should learn from those retailers who have already fully embraced e-commerce and content that can be purchased, but must act now.

Digital shopping is here to stay

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