Design and Europe, a long-lasting relationship



Europe is a global force in technology, academic research and manufacturing quality.

From science to fashion, Europe has an advantage over its competitors. This advantage is design.

Design is certainly a globally shared activity. Whether conscious or unconscious, design concerns every productive action, interface, structure and service.

The design reflects cultural identities: things look and behave differently in different places for different people in their social contexts.

But, for Europe, design is a defined component of its cultural identity. From fashion to architecture, Europe is imbued with the human elaboration of beauty and desirability that adds enormous value to society in terms of business and quality of life.


European brands have the highest value, regulate global taste and direct fashion, while offering enormous economic and cultural value to the collective identity of individual European countries. Whether it's cars or bags, products, transport systems and digital experiences in Europe are built on the cultural imperative of combining beauty with the logic of new projects.

This heritage of design has been present since the beginning of industrialisation in Europe. From the universal exhibitions of the nineteenth century to products and buildings, beauty, practicality and ease of use have been combined with the efficiency of materials and production processes.


Innovation in industrialisation processes may have been driven by US, and more recently Asian, companies, but from the very first examples of European manufacturing companies, ensuring that objects looked and worked perfectly was always an intrinsic component of commercial success.


In a world where increasingly digital interactions drive new services and experiences, creating beauty and user-centric technology is critical to success. Design is at the heart of the next generation of digital experiences.


Fortunately, the tradition of design in Europe is not something frozen in our home freezer.


As we move from artifacts to virtual conditions, design is a living force emanating from European schools that inspires an international court of future creators around the world.


Europe has the tradition, mentality and talent to create world-class products and services that guarantee the exploitation of raw materials and the fire of intellectual power within them.


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