Coronavirus and Beauty: New Trends and Consuption


Coronavirus, social distancing and masks have upset our everyday life, and makeup is no exception, so much so that cosmetic companies talk about make-up revolution.


In short, from now until the next few months it will all be a game of looks, eye shadow and mascara accomplices protagonists of an intense and magnetic look.

The use of masks has moved the makeup more on the eyes than on the lips, growing sales of mascara and eye shadows.

It seems simple, but you have to know how to equip yourself with ad hoc tricks, able to resist everything, even emotions: water, humidity, heat, tears ... of joy of course.


The eyelids become a palette, you can indulge yourself with shades ranging from the softest and most neutral to the most intense and brightest for a pure color.

The best choice is to equip yourself with a multicolor palette, so you can create your own look depending on the mood and, why not, the color or pattern of the mask.

Prolonged use of the masks can cause skin reactivity creating situations of discomfort such as itching, tightening skin, burning, redness and other discomforts that should not be overlooked but treated with the right products.

Useful for this purpose, the high-tech cosmetic solutions that combine innovative anti-ageing formulas, stem cells of plant origin and high-performance natural active ingredients.


For example, the Cosmottega line contains an extract of organic hemp seed oil and hyaluronic acid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


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