Enjoying an authentic Italian feast at home is easier than you think


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With the push of a button, an authentic Italian feast can be at your door.

From missing your favorite Italian restaurant to dreaming of that trip to Liguria, that authentic Italian feast doesn't have to be just a gastronomic memory.

While the gourmet cook may be able to whip up a chef-worthy dish, the casual cook may need a little guidance. Luckily, the perfect gourmet Italian food tasting is just a click away.

When you think of some classic Italian cuisine, a few particular elements come to mind. From carefully handcrafted pasta to well-seasoned cheese, an authentic Italian feast is often a bountiful table. Course after course offers another flavor to discover.

While there are many ways to curate a tasty Italian meal, Italyci has several perfectly assembled Italian tasting gift sets. From simple tastes of Italy to specialty combinations, there's an option for every taste journey.

To begin exploring the flavors of Italian food, the "It looks like pasta but it is not" gift set is the perfect place to start. Featuring several types of pasta made exclusively with legumes, this unique gift set covers an entire dinner.

One of the reasons this Italian food gift set is such a great idea is that it showcases the nuanced flavors of Italian food.

While many people might think of a red sauce and pasta as an Italian meal, it can be so much more than just those two ingredients.

For the foodie who wants to explore culinary creativity, this Italian gift set is a great place to start. Learning to appreciate quality ingredients can make an impact on the plate. With flavorful ingredients, simple recipes are immediately elevated. Even the novice cook can create a dish that is full of deliciousness.

However, this Italian food gift box also encourages the aspiring foodie to step out of their comfort zone. Although sweet Italian cookies are a delicious way to end a meal, a small piece of Gorgonzola served with a drizzle of honey can be the perfect ending to an Italian feast.

Whether you are looking to explore Italian flavors or looking for the perfect gourmet gift, Italyci has a variety of gift sets, even in beverages,Italyci has a selection of teas, boxes of 6 different types of teas.

Your home kitchen can be the food passport to an authentic Italian feast. Let Italyci be your guide and enjoy exploring the flavors.

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