The importance of art in the pandemic year of 2021

The role of art has always been crucial in history.

Egyptian art seen as a divine gift, Greek art contemplating the cult of Beauty and Harmony, Roman art affirming the dominance and grandeur of the Roman Empire. All the way to Renaissance art, which focuses on man and the power of the intellect, and modern art, which expresses the "rejection" of and break with the past and opens up to experimentation with new forms and expressions.

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Art represents a common thread through the various historical periods and its evolution is experienced as a response to change or the need for it.

Through its free expression it is the only one that manages to materialise something abstract. Our senses act as sensors and allow us to transduce the signals received into many forms of expression: painting, sculpture, music and others.

Each of these carries a message that the artist wants to communicate. Many styles, many trends, new techniques and experiments. Even if we no longer talk about the centrality of art and its social importance, art is omnipresent, it intertwines and blends harmoniously with other realities.

Art and science, art and sport, art and advertising, art and cuisine, art and cyber reality are just some of the many examples. Undoubtedly, all of this plays an important role in our lives.

An event as traumatic as the pandemic spread of the new coronavirus has strongly marked our lives, generating different and sometimes opposing responses.

A climate in which there is a clear re-evaluation of values and priorities, a strong blow is dealt to the certainties and the cult of the ego promoted by today's society.

All this generates a profound sense of sadness and disorientation, leading to a state of collective depression. It is no secret that during the pandemic period there has been a marked increase in requests for assistance from psychotherapists.

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But, like any negative event, it should be noted that Covid-19 is necessary to "get us back to basics", to regain a sense of reality, which is often lost due to the many distractions offered by today's world, to be more aware of what we are and what we do, to appreciate more what we have without taking anything for granted.

It is a strong shock, a stress we needed to awaken and return to a more genuine lifestyle more in line with the principles of nature. Not only us, but the Universe needed this crisis to ensure global balance.

Every change is preceded by a rupture. And today, we are witnessing this moment of great transformation. And in all this, what can art communicate to us?

Without a doubt, art arouses positive emotions, it motivates us to hold on. Art communicates the hope that this can all end soon, art keeps us together even from a distance.

A purposeful response, full of colours and sounds, tastes and smells that are able to stimulate our senses and produce the hormone of happiness, which is what we need especially now.

Despite so many physical limitations, art continues to evolve and continues on its path of growth. There are so many examples and activities on which we are updated daily directly from the web.

We see so many artistic expressions exploding and filling the pages of social networks, or in platforms like Italyci. All aimed at promoting the simple and sustainable lifestyle, at reviving the values of the past in a modern and evolved world.

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"When solitude is imposed on all men by such an insidious virus, it is clear that the artist, who is used to solitude, can find himself fraternally close to other human beings. Not with the detachment that art sometimes expresses, but with the closeness that is proper to the best art. It is in moments of solitude that one creates. So let us try to extract, from such a terrible evil, a good that at least compensates us: the possibility of reflecting and thinking".
(Emilio Isgrò)



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